Heiße Träume auf der Schulbank (1979)

While the hesitant Uwe wrestles with the loss of virginity with various women throughout the film – his compassionate sister even gets him a girl who fulfills his every wish – and therefore cannot fully satisfy the budding desires of the teacher, is the mean wolf (Günther Bayer) of a completely different caliber. He takes a picture of his teacher petting with Uwe and blackmailed her into various messes. Initially horrified, she soon takes pleasure in dropping inhibitions and breaking taboos. And she obviously found a like-minded person in Wolf.
Because she can’t get past her “yes, but” argumentation, it is Uwe who makes a decision for her after some sexual adventures that are becoming increasingly risky and forces the nymphomaniac to rethink. He passes the photos to the director that he took from Wolf. Ms. Clemens is called to his office during class. Slowly she walks down the hall and enters his room. The door closes behind her and for the first time the viewer is excluded. The End.

Like all Enz films from the late 1970s, this one also has a chamber-like flair. There are only a handful of acting people who remain largely alien to the viewer, even if they reveal amazing things from time to time. Wolf reports, for example, how he was used as a boy by older women as a boy and how he became the proverbial “wolf”. He not only shares the insatiable hunger for sex with the teacher, but also the great tiredness that affects both after orgasm. They are prisoners of their own needs, but unable to really open themselves. In contrast, Uwe has little to gain from the sporty junk. He feels real pleasure with his girlfriend (Regula Mertens), but the two are regularly disturbed before it can be “carried out”.
In HOT DREAMS ON THE SCHOOL BANK, sex is something that is generous but ultimately given away for purely selfish reasons and is not associated with any emotion. There is no connection between the parties, let alone a spiritual one. The presentation of the various fiddles and nudes is devoid of any subtlety: the tongue is aggressively pushed in, the boiled through like sourdough, the nipples revised like the buttons on the pinball machine. The title suggests eroticism and passion at first glance, after the film it is clear: The “dreamy” thing about this sex is that you choose it all by yourself without having to waste any thought on others. Depressing.

AKA Verführung auf der Schulbank