Doctor Yes: The Hyannis Affair (1983)

Director: Jack Nixon-Browne
Studio: PKO Television, Glen Warren Productions

Starring: Britt Ekland, Jack Messinger, Stephanie Grant, Patricia Moffatt, Suzanne Barker, Alfie Scopp, Robin Ward, Ron Hartmann, Larry Reynolds, Kent Deuters, Margarita Cristina, Pat Dioguardi, Lisa Turina, Jim Morris
Description: Emotionally vulnerable and somber Louisa arrives at the posh villa of her rich and very young-looking mother Susannah to stay for awhile. They’ve had a rocky relationship over the years, ever since seductive, egotistic and competitive Susannah seduced Louisa’s boyfriend Tim, only to dump him heartbroken immediately after she had her fun with him, which indirectly led to his tragic death. Although Susannah wants to make peace with her daughter, Louisa still can’t quite stop blaming her for what happened. Susannah’s latest husband is an adulterous Latino Lothario doctor Paolo. They have an arranged marriage – he gives her beauty treatments and she supports his family. Paolo immediately has his eye on Louisa, who soon falls for him, so he eventually seduces her and they begin an affair. Susannah soon starts suspecting there’s something going on and this creates a rift between her and her husband. When Susannah receives a lethal dose of a medication which Paolo usually gives her, he is …

Actors: Britt Ekland