The Sinful Bed (Das sündige Bett) (1973)

Beneath the opening titles, a young couple have a post-coital conversation that stems from the woman’s dissatisfaction from being “balled” on a mattress on the floor. She threatens to abstain from sex until her fella buys her a nice big bed to fuck in.

So they go to an antique shop and excitedly shop for a bed – they need it, urgently! As they look around, an old brass bed begins narrating to the screen …

The bed is gutted to have been discarded after serving lovers for the last 100 years. It’s certain the young lovers won’t be interested in him, but the girl loves it – and the shopkeeper manages to talk the reluctant man into buying it.

The bed continues to narrate as the lovestruck couple push the bed back home. As their excited babbling continues, the bed begins to tell us about some of the more adventurous conquests that have been conducted upon him – from 1908 onwards …

Director: Ralf Gregan

Starring: Gunther Kieslich, Judith Fritsch, Vanessa von Brandenburg, Dorothea Thiel, Ute Vehse, Renate Heuer, Hans Jochmann, Rena Bergen
Description: An antique bed relates passionate stories about various people who have made love on it throughout the decades of the 20th century. Said folks include a sweet young virgin, a sly prostitute who helps a jilted woman get revenge on her unfaithful husband, a German soldier fighting in World War II who’s on leave for two hours, and a carefree modern couple