The Young Secretaries (1974)

Director: Richard Kanter  
Writer: Richard Kanter

Robert Cameron runs an advertising agency that mainly employs attractive young women. Although married to Caroline, Cameron nonetheless is having an affair behind her back. Meanwhile, Caroline is involved with an adulterous fling of her own. Moreover, Cameron has his hands full at work trying to close a big account.

Another print in reasonably rough shape, this one boasts the lovely Sharon Kelly in her heyday, right around the time she was starring in films like Dirty Mind of Young Sally, Sassy Sue, Gosh! Alice Goodbody and Delinquent Schoolgirls.  While not quite on the level of the more elegant, sloe eyed Haven (who positively oozes posh Decadence), Kelly (real name Colleen Brennan, though better known by her chosen nom du guerre) is a stunner, and like the similarly ubiquitous Rene Bond, is always a pleasure to encounter in cult films on both sides of the softcore fence. The kewpie doll faced, pointy breasted Roxanne Brewer (of Deep Jaws and Fantasm) sharpens pencils as ‘Michele’ while pretty ‘Sally’ (Jan Michel) gets busy with Kelly’s middle aged husband (and Kelly gets some softcore level action of her own).  But he doesn’t believe that what’s good for the goose is what’s good for the gander. There’s another cute redhead poking around the office (ahem) in the form of glasses bedecked Elaine (Brittany York, in her sole film credit) who gets a bit wild after lighting up, and Gary Schnieder of Swinging Cheerleaders and Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS fame makes an appearance as a young account exec who’s getting (a)head in the office.  And hey, is that a white jumpsuited Annette Haven again in the party sequence? While essentially pointless and tending more towards the softcore end of the equation, Young Secretaries blows it’s ostensible lead feature right out of the water with (Haven aside) prettier girls (and a lot more of ’em!) nicer decor, actual acting and even some semblance of a plot (however vague). Sure, these are no budget skin flicks from a bygone era.  But they don’t have to be snarky and stupid…somebody clue Zachary Strong and guys like him in to that fact, huh?

The Young Secretaries is ambitious with lots of non-sexual scenes that hinge on plot development. John Barnum (Robert Cameron) is the macho, no-nonsense boss of an advertising agency staffed by a parade of buxom bimbos. He cheats on his wife, and his wife (played by porno veteran Colleen Brennan under the name of Sharon O’Hara) likewise cheats on him. Employees of the ad agency boff each other with carefree abandon. There is a slender story about a rival ad agency, but the thing on most viewer’s minds is … are receptionist Michelle’s (big tit icon Roxanne Brewer) ample assets on the level? Putting the average Russ Meyer starlet to shame, Michelle hides her torpedoes under a scanty, stretchy top. Male viewers will wonder – are they for real? In The Young Secretaries’ climactic poolside orgy scene, the answer is YES! YES! The leads to an extended sex scene with Michelle and the office nebbish, and the film ends on a painfully dated “fag” joke.
The Young Secretaries has far better-than-average actors for a skin flick. It must be noted that the film is remarkably, uh “soft” for a film of this budget in a world now inured to hardcore. Frequent shots of male frontal nudity in the film attest to the fact that … there’s nothing going on there.
Middle-aged Robert Cameron (an effectively smarmy portrayal by John Barnum) runs an advertising agency that mainly employs attractive young women. Although married to the luscious Caroline (luscious redhead Sharon Kelly in fine feisty form), Cameron nonetheless is having an affair behind her back. Meanwhile, Caroline gets involved with an adulterous fling of her own. Meanwhile, Cameron has his hands full at work trying to close an important account. Writer/director Richard Kanter relates the enjoyable story at a swift pace, maintains an engaging easygoing tone throughout, and offers an amusing sense of blithely lowbrow humor. Naturally, there’s also oodles of yummy bare female flesh and plenty of sizzling’n’vigorous soft-core sex. The tasty bevy of smoking hot gals provide quite a sumptuous eyeful: Slinky brunette Jan Mitchel, petite dish Brittany York, and, best of all, incredibly busty bombshell Roxanne Brewer, whose exquisitely enormous breasts easily steal every scene they appear in (and, yep, Brewers does indeed perform a scorching topless dance at a wild’n’swinging party). Con Convert contributes a funny turn as the hopelessly nerdy Prescott. Hal Guthu’s competent cinematography neatly captures all the assorted carnal activity. The jaunty ragtime score keeps things bouncing along. A pleasingly bawdy romp.