Provocazione (1988)

Director: Piero Vivarelli

Starring: Moana Pozzi, Petra Scharbach, Hula, Marino Mase

It stars Moana Pozzi, the sultry star of many an Italian X-travaganza, who plays Vanessa, the wealthy lover of a professor (Marino Masé) who comes to spend the summer at her beachside villa, where she is tending to her teenage stepdaughter Kiki (Petra Scharbach) and her sexy friend Vivi (Hula). As his visit continues, the Professor finds himself not only screwing the insatiable Vanessa but being reeled into sexual intrigues with the two girls, who are in fact a pair of conniving, teasing, lesbian Lolitas determined to do away with these adult obstructions to a bequest from Kiki’s late father that will make her irresponsibly wealthy.

Moana Pozzi died tragically in 1994 at the age of 33, from liver cancer. Her pert and mischievous co-stars, Hula and Petra Scharbach, went on to make a number of other films together as a twosome, including “Obsession – una storia di straordinaria follia” and “Diva futura.” I know there are Moana Pozzi fans out there, but I for one would like to see every movie Hula ever made.