The Bunny Caper (1974)

Sultry ’70s B-movie bombshell Christina Hart (THE STEWARDESSES, HELTER SKELTER) stars as Bunny O’Hara, the underage man-eating daughter of a wealthy American businessman. After sleeping her way through the brass ranks of the U.S. military, Bunny is packed off to Swinging London and a remote finishing school for wayward rich girls.

Bored in the British boondocks, Bunny leads her nubile classmates in a contest to seduce a group of foreign dignitaries visiting London for disarmament talks…the winner being the first girl to get her V.I.P. into B-E-D!

Escapist, sexist and as politically incorrect as they go, GAMES GIRLS PLAY (aka THE BUNNY CAPER) is a titillating product of its heedless time, directed with an unblinking eye by Jack Arnold (THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN) and costarring Ed Bishop (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY).

Christina Hart … Bunny O’Hara
Jane Anthony … Jackie
Ed Bishop … Secretary Beard
Murray Kash … Dr. Wolfgang Meyer
Drina Pavlovic … Salina
Jill Damas … Christine
Eric Young … Wang Lo
Erin Geraghty … Ducky
Steve Plytas … Krashneff
David Beale … Lord Teakwood
Gordon Sterne … O’Hara
Eunice Black … Miss Grimm
Rex Wei … Chen Ling