Sadie (1980)

This is the story of Sadie, a high priced call girl in Borneo… well, high priced for Borneo. She is kidnapped by the rajah who is running a white-slave ring. Of course, Jock and Bear have to come to her rescue, and Jock is well rewarded for his heroism.

  • Scene 1. Cris Cassidy, Jerome Deeds
  • Scene 2. Lisa K. Loring, Billy Dee
  • Scene 3. Diana Holt, Gary Eberhart
  • Scene 4. Cris Cassidy, Rick Ardon
  • Scene 5. Diana Holt, faceless brun, Rick Ardon
  • Scene 6. Diana Holt, Billy Dee
  • Scene 7. faceless brun, Rick Ardon