Special Order (1974)

Director: Leonard Kirtman (as Leo the Lion)
Studio: Blue Video Productions

Starring: Don Allen, Eric Edwards, Juliet Jay, Sonny Landham, Lynn Stevens, Marc Stevens, Jack Webb

—MARC STEVENS believes They’re All Sluts. No big surprise. Ogling a little muffin of a waitress in a coffee shop, Stevens slips her $50 to deliver a “special order” to his brokerage office around the corner. Carla, the waitress, is a tiny-titted, smiling waif who takes to delivering “special orders” wherever she goes.
After Stevens porks her, she strolls around NYC picking up guys. One of them is SONNY LANDHAM (who went on to co-star with EDDIE MURPHY in 48 Hours and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in Predator). Sonny is one of two street-wise truck drivers who see Carla as “prime rib on the hoof.” She asks if they want a “special order” and they promptly do her in the back of their truck.
Meanwhile, ERIC EDWARDS and LINDA L’AMOUR are working on accounts (in Stevens’ brokerage office, no doubt) when Carla delivers lunch. Guess what’s on the menu? If you said, “Carla,” you win the right to see Carla’s second sex scene with Stevens, who now appears as a janitor. (Who knows.) When he and Carla get stuck in an elevator, she says, “You want a special order?” and he says, “No. I just want to fool around.” Yuk, yuk.
—Comely, but ditsy diner waitress Karla gets paid by a sleazy customer to have sex with him in an office building. Karla enjoys the experience so much that she goes on to have additional carnal encounters with a biker, two truckers inside a trailer, and a janitor in an elevator. Moreover, Karla walks in on businessman Mr. Stevens having a torrid tryst with secretary Barbara, so she joins the couple for a threesome