Two Hours on Sunday (1972)

Director: Emile A. Harvard
Studio: After Hours Cinema, Something Weird Video

Starring: Bob, Rick Cassidy, Diane, Keith Erickson, Suzanne Fields, Jack King, Carmen Olivera, George Peters, Stephanie Sarver, Starlyn Simone, Adam Ward.

—Peacock Lady is another bit of classic porn with a paper-thin plot but plenty of hardcore action. When Gordon (KEITH ERICKSON), a struggling screenwriter, catches his blonde Val-girl-type wife fucking another man, he storms out to write “The Wife Stealers” and other scripts on the swinging theme which sell like crazy.
Realizing he’s on to a good thing, his further “research” on the subject takes him from one wild orgy to another, and we get to see more early ’70s porno-vixens in action than Erickson can shake his thick stick at. Look for sweet MINDY BRANDT and girl-next-door SUZANNE FIELDS, along with hardcore hunk RICK CASSIDY, among the happy, healthy orgiasts.
Eventually, Gordon finds himself a new wife, his “true love” and the new source of inspiration for his writing: a tattooed lady he met at a Juarez cathouse! Now his life has a brand new purpose: does he cum all over the spider web on her belly, the birds on her breasts, the ship on her hip, or the peacock on her pudenda? (We vote for e: All of the above.)
—God may have rested on the Seventh Day, but the horny mere mortals in this sinful grindhouse screwfest squeeze more sleazy, unredeeming sex into two hours than you can shake a bible at.