Gocce d’amore (1981)

Alternate Titles
Drops of Love
Initiations anales pour sodomaniaques France, poster title
Inititations anales Dir. falsely credited to Reine Pirau France, on-screen title
Les Sodomaniaques France

A dancing couple in a disco (Sabrina Mastrolorenzi and handsome man – Alfonso Gaita). They are being watched by another couple (Guia Lauri Filzi and elderly man). Guia stares at them and the couple start kissing. As they come out of the disco, they see a girl (Pauline Teutscher) sucking a man sporting a moustache (Giuseppe Curia). The disco couple get into action after the other couple’s departure.

CREDITS : Gocce d’amore etc…

Two men in a car. They stop for a woman (Zaira Zacchedu) whose car seems to have broken down and take her (the girl) to where she was heading.

Brunette (Zaira) having a shower. (Why are these shower scenes always fake, I mean for the camera, not for the fun of it? It’s only a movie.)

Zaira and Guia meet a man in the formerly broken-down car. Zaira leaves with the car. Guia stays with the man and they discuss.

A naked Zaira peeps on a male couple in a flat across the street at night. Long homo scene. The girl masturbates, which is more to my liking than what is going on across the street.

Guia meets the couple from the first scene (Sabrina and her boyfriend). They seem to be discussing Zaira who’s in the distance watching out the window. Guia teases the man.

Zaira meets a man called Mario in front of Guia’s stare, and they attempt to make love.

Back to shower scene.

Guia is introduced to the moustached man who is busy with another girl. Guia is raped by the two men (That music! Some sort of perverted tango for a rape scene!).

Foursome now. Cut to Zaira who strips in front of a man and goes to work -cut – Back to foursome – cut – Back to the couple. The man can’t make love to his partner. She comforts him – cut – Back to foursome (we can only see three) – cut – the couple are talking. So many words but I can’t get them – cut – Back to foursome – (picture’s a bit shaky). Back to the disco.

Guia tries to kiss Zaira on the beach. She refuses and leaves.

Man beats Guia after she’s spoken with him. He forces her into oral sex.

Zaira joins her impotent man in bed. He’s asleep and she masturbates by his side as he listens to her movements.

Back to the disco. The young couple (Sabrina and boyfriend) are dancing. Then we see them fucking in a bathroom. A man witnesses them and drives away.

Two men in a deserted place. Some talking goes on.

Guia in lesbian scene (is that Zaira?).

Scene with Zaira and another man. Her impotent husband is drinking while she is busy with the other man.

Then we have a brunette (who? I don’t recognize those actors not being familiar with them, except for Guia) threatening a man with a gun. Some harsh words it seems … She leaves. More talk between impotent man and his partner. A drinking lover. Some blowjob and doggie style in front of the impotent man who beats Zaira on the sand, tears her knickers in a frenzy and makes love to her on the spot and in the wind!

Back to the disco. Pauline Teutscher sucks a man in the shade by a window. The formerly broken-down car passes by and vanishes in the distance.

What was this all about? I don’t know. Can anybody help? I just hope I didn’t confuse the characters for the picture was sometimes a bit faded.