Alyse et Chloe (1970)

Director: Rene Gainville
Studio: Films de l’Epee, Productions F.D.L

Starring: Catherine Jacobsen, Michele Girardon, Karyn Balm
Description: Alyse, a successful cover girl, has had an affair with Luc Bordier, an advertising photographer, for one year now. But although Luc loves her truly, he tends to neglect her as he is too busy with his work. Chloe, who runs an advertising agency, takes advantage of these off-days to seduce Alyse. Alyse tries to hide the situation from Luc but the latter realizes what is happening. He urges Alyse to go with him on a trip to the West Indies but she refuses and joins Chloe, not without suffering from being separated from Luc.