…E il terzo gode (1984)

Alternate Titles
Le Gang delle porno mogli 1985 75 mins.
Schreie der Lust Dir. falsely credited to “Felipesten” West Germany, title of the video release with fake opening onscreen credits, VFL, c. 75 mins.

This film is part of a group of three porn movies directed under the pseudonym “Baron Corvo” by ‘cult’ Italian director Alberto Cavallone (1938-1997). The group is a sort of “trilogy” which consists of Pat una donna particolare, Baby Sitter and …E il terzo gode, all of them shot back-to-back in summer 1981 employing a near-to-zero budget, a reduced-to-the-minimum crew, and a French-Italian cast led by Iraqi neophyte Serwan A. Hoshyar (a painter, living at the time in Rome). The schedule and shooting of these three movies were arranged and organized by production manager Martial Boschero, brother of noted actress Dominique Boschero, and Cavallone’s right-hand man during the erotic-pornographic phase of the latter’s directorial activity. The shooting took place in Rome and in a rented villa situated in Riano Romano (a small village a few miles north of Rome). Whereas Pat una donna particolare is by now considered as one of the most interesting hardcore movies from the entire Italian golden age (Cavallone seizing the opportunity to make some allusive sociological and metacinematographic remarks, very unusual in porn cinema of the early ’80s), and Baby Sitter is definitively one of the most bizarre Italian porn films ever (with a midget as the leading character and sadism as the main feature), …E il terzo gode is decidedly the worst film of the three, even if we can judge it (at present) only by the very bad German VHS version, which is shortened and dreadfully dubbed. (The VHS German edition of Pat, titled Die schöne Pat und der supergeile Lilliput, is also abridged – nearly a quarter of an hour shorter than the original Italian edition released on video). …E il terzo gode was rejected twice by the Italian censor (in autumn ’82 and spring ’83), and therefore its release was definitively barred in Italy. Nonetheless, it was illegally put into circulation in Italian cinemas (beginning from late 1984) under another title, La gang delle porno mogli, and with fake credits drawn from the Italian version of Pavlos Filippou’s Greek-Italian movie Mavri Afroditi. (These onscreen credits, also present in the German video release, mention just two names of this film’s performers – Annique Borel and Klay Half – and the director, whose name is given as “Felipesten”.)

The plot concerns a criminal gang led by Serwan who takes possession of a suitcase full of drugs coveted by Sandro, one of his associates. Sandro charges his lover Dominique to steal the suitcase, and then cheats her too. Yet the drug is recovered by Serwan and his henchmen, and Sandro is mercilessly killed. Unfortunately, the plot development is just a pretext, and the sex sequences are rather repetitive and sloppy (on a couple of occasions the director even resorts to inserts). The only circumstances that reveal the “Cavallone touch” are a few sadistic moments (the torture inflicted to Dominique Saint Claire and the killing of the traitor), as well as the overall cynicism displayed by various characters.

As far as the cast is concerned, French actresses Dominique Saint Claire, Nadine Roussial and Mika Barthel featured in the course of that same year (1981) in many other porn movies shot in Italy. The first two actresses were present in all three titles of the ‘Baron Corvo’ trilogy, whereas the last only in Pat, una donna particolare and …E il terzo gode. Nadine Roussial had inaugurated her Italian activity a few months earlier with a remarkable “Lawrence Webber” diptych (Lea and Emy la minorenne dell’hostess club). In the opening sequence of …E il terzo gode, one of the men engaged in the live porn-show is a certain Stewart (the same guy who plays the lover of the transsexual character in Pat una donna particolare), in real life an English tourist and friend of Hoshyar’s recruited at the last moment in order to replace an unavailable actor. One more piece of trivia: the killer is played by an electrician from the crew (one Franco Coltorti, who in Baby Sitter plays the boyfriend of the leading character and has some hardcore scenes too). The score by Ubaldo Continiello includes two themes for solo saxophone (one of them also used in Baby Sitter) that are little masterpieces of melodic composition. Continiello and his catchy musical scores accompany about twenty Italian porn movies of the so-called “golden age”.

For an extended interview granted to me by actor Serwan A. Hoshyar, including many details about the “Baron Corvo” movies, see Italian magazine Cine 70, issue 5, 2004 (the interview is preceded by an article in which I’ve tried to elucidate the concealed meanings and significance of Pat una donna particolare).

Director:Alberto Cavallone as Baron Corvo
Notes:Italy. English translation: “…And the third man profits” (the title refers to a proverb meaning: “Two dogs strive for a bone… and the third runs away with it”).