Scoundrels (1982)

Director: Cecil Howard
Studio: Command Cinema Corporation

Starring: Ron Jeremy, Lisa Be, Tigr, George Payne, Copper Penny, Anna Turner, Robert Kerman, Tiffany Clark, Marilyn Gee, Sean Elliot, Tess Mayo, Tammy Tammy, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Hudd

Description: Ron Jeremy delivers a career-best dramatic performance as Simon, a psychiatrist who discovers his family has as many challenging issues as his patients. Wife Linda (Lisa Be) is having an affair with his best friend, while daughter Francie (Tigr) indulges in pleasurable encounters with friends of both sexes. Faced with a midlife crisis surrounding the fragility of his seemingly perfect existence, Simon begins to tap into his innermost desires in pursuit of greater satisfaction. Also featuring the tantalizing Tammy Lamb, alluring cover girl Ariel Hart, and adult film icons George Payne, Sharon Mitchell, R. Bolla, and Tiffany Clark, SCOUNDRELS is an illuminating and provocative erotic experience as only Cecil Howard can deliver.