Captain Lust (1977)

Captain Lust and the Pirate Women is an incredibly fun adult film to come from the 70s about pirates. The film combines a light, and light-hearted plot, lots of sex, and slapstick comedy to tell the story of Jack (Wade Nichols), the rightful heir of the lands of fortune of the late Count of Monte Crisco. The evil Captain Lust (Jake Teague), the captain of the Black Swan, and the Cuntessa (Veri Knotty) take control of the lands, castle, and Navy, after killing the Count. Jack and his sister Anne (Sharon Mitchell), who are assumed deceased by Lust, manage to board his ship under fake names as Lust searches for the Count’s treasure that is buried off the coast of the New World on an unknown island.
While the story sounds complex, much of it is told through intertitles. Despite many post-production problems, the final film looks good. The film was shot on a replica of the Niña, Pinta, and the Santa Maria from the bicentennial celebration in New York. Not only was the film shot on real ships, but for two weeks the cast and crew lived on the boats shooting most of the film at sea.
The characters created in the film are great. None get incredibly well established but the cast does a great job with their roles. Particularly amusing as Bobby Astyr as Brother John, who has the treasure map on his cock. The film is nicely shot and has a great atmosphere.
Captain Lust and the Pirate Women isn’t the greatest film to come out of the 70s. It doesn’t have the best sex, the best production values, the best story or character development, or the best comedy. However, it is a fun film to watch and definitely worth seeing.
Captain Lust and the Pirate Women is a fun and enjoyable pirate romp to come from the 70s. Nice production values, a funny story, and a lot of sex make this a film worth seeing.