Ensenada Pickup (1971)

CAST: Henry Ferris, Jill Sweete, Albert Wilson, Eve Orlon, Rene Bond, Ric Lutze & Candy Samples

A family charters a yacht for a cruise to Mexico, but things take a turn for the worse when they find that they’re being used as a cover for a drug-running operation. This copy is a composite edit of Something Weird’s softcore release and the Alpha Blue Archives hard version (including the final scene missing on the ABA rip).

This movie includes a scene of an early Candy Samples showing her famous assets and coy techniques of being pleased by a toy boy. This could be her first foray into hardcore territory and she seems a natural. While she’s not involved in the plot at all, lovers of big busted women should be still be amused and enjoy this newcomer. Her scene with the young sailor provides a view of parts on Candy before she later reserved them to appear only in softcore simulations of the real thing. Photography in the movie copy that I viewed was poor quality but seeing Candy perform made the episode well worth watching.