The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1969)

Director: Peter Perry Jr. (as A.P. Stootsberry)
Studio: Boxoffice International Pictures (BIP), Global Pictures, Something Weird Video

Starring: Harvey Shain, William Rotsler, Dee Lockwood, Wendell Swink, Mickey Jines, James Brand, Karen Thomas, Jay Edwards, Pat Davis, Vincene Wallace, Don Allman, Mia Coco, Victoria Bond, Steve Vincent, Antoinette Maynard.

Description: It’s Shakespeare with skin in “The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet”, an outrageously bawdy, sexed-up version of the world’s most famous love story! A crackpot cast of mostly busty redheads performs the immortal tale of two lovers who end up loving just about everyone amidst a non-stop barrage of dumb jokes, gleeful nudity, rambunctious sex scenes, whipping, whipped cream, Derrick the Horny Hunchback, and literature’s most famous line of dialogue, “Sock it to me!”.

Alternative Titles:
Juliet’s Desire
Das geheime Sexualleben von Romeo und Julia
La vie sexuelle de Romeo et Juliette

Actors: Harvey Shain