Nerone, perversioni dell’Impero (1997)

Director: Joe D’Amato (as Raf De Palma)
Studio: Butterfly Motion Pictures

Starring: Boris Bianco, Krisztina, Eros Cristaldi, Hakan, Jennifer Loca, Marzia Visconti, Maurizio Hogan, Nicolette, Silvio Evangelista, Ursula Moore, Valeria Johnson
—Emperor Nero sits on the throne of the Roman Empire during an era of palace intrigue and moral decline. The ruler of Rome is famous for his perverse and cruel character. In his palace were organized large-scale orgies, where the mad emperor humored his most luxurious patricians. Moreover, he often indulges in debauchery with his own sisters. His entourage indulges him in every way, arranging crazy sexual merrymaking for the Emperor. This film gives you the chance to experience the atmosphere of ancient Roman orgies and absolute sexual freedom, which for centuries prevailed in the palaces of the Roman emperors
—The Roman Empire. Emperor Nero sits on the throne. Born in a era of palace intrigue and moral decline, the ruler of Rome became famous for his twisted and cruel personality. Large-scale orgies were held at his court, where the insane emperor was satiated by the most luxurious patrician women. Like a raging, savage beast, he would rush upon them and satisfy his intense lust, often indulging in debauchery with his own sisters

Alternate Titles
Nero – Die Huren des Imperators Germany, MMV
Nero – Orgy Of Fire
Nero, the Perverse Emperor
Romerska Orgier