Glitter (1983)

Following the death of his father, painfully shy David Preston (a subdued Jerry Butler) finds himself pressed into duty as new chairman at the Glitter advertising agency, a task he’s clearly not up to as brow-beating bitchy exec “MS.” Benson can’t resist pointing out when they first meet. Cursed with an oh so ’80s loose perm, the incomparable Marlene Willoughby has a field day camping it up, effortlessly hijacking each of too few scenes she’s in. Too bad her sole sex scene, with fellow fornication film veteran Ashley Moore, proves such a damp squib, sabotaged by sloppy editing. A chance encounter with old buddy and prodigious ladies man Brad (Christopher Reeve lookalike Michael Knight) and the introduction of a temperamentally contrasting modeling team at the office push David down the road to assertiveness. Kelly Nichols shines as protective, dyed in the wool Marcie, looking out for innocent little Amy (the late, lamented Shauna Grant at her most rigidly guarded), who naturally falls head over heels for her equally awkward employer. Newfound romance gives him the strength to stand up to his controlling harridan of a fiancée Paula, played with lip-smacking relish by Tish Ambrose, unfortunately done few favors by the make up department here.

  • Scene 1. Tish Ambrose, Jerry Butler
  • Scene 2. Rhonda Jo Petty, Michael Knight
  • Scene 3. Marlene Willoughby, Ashley Moore
  • Scene 4. Alexis X, Athena Star, Michael Knight
  • Scene 5. Kelly Nichols, Michael Knight
  • Scene 6. Shauna Grant, Tiffany Clark, Jerry Butler
  • Scene 7. Shauna Grant, Jerry Butler

Also Known As Glitter Baby (German version, Herzog)