Pandora’s Mirror (1981)

A woman goes into an antique shop to buy furniture, and notices a large mirror, which the owner refuses to sell, claiming that it’s possessed. She persuades him to let her borrow it for a few days. When she gets home and looks at it, she discovers that it has the power to show her the sexual escapades of all the people throughout history who have looked into this mirror.

It has a plot! It has variety!

This film is one of the better adult films of any age. In it, Pandora becomes entranced with a mirror which displays the sexual activities of its past admirers. The acting is better than in many other adult films, and there are enough location shots to support the suspension of disbelief — unlike most straight-to-video adult movies of more recent vintage. The different scenarios keep the action lively. My wife even enjoys this one!

Let’s give credit to Shaun Costello for mounting this unique production that proves he had learned a thing or two from making all of those “roughies” throughout much of the ’70s. Veronica Hart is perfect as Pandora while Frederick Foster wonderfully plays different catalysts for all of the carnal action set in multiple environs even over different time periods. Kudos to Costello’s script that keeps it simple and leaves the viewer to decipher the mirror’s real powers instead of saddling us with useless informative jibber-jabber about what the mirror can or cannot do.