Spitfire (1984)

Director: Cecil Howard

A strange woman surprises a Senatorial aide in his hotel room and, claiming to be a prostitute, she seduces him. The film then unspools in flashback as she reveals her true identity and the real purpose of her visit. The story she tells concerns the attempts of a conservative Senator running on a ticket of Moral Majority Family Values, and his attempts to keep his nymphomaniac daughter and bitter, scheming, frustrated wife from sinking his re-election campaign. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Senator’s fucking his secretary and syphoning campaign money into offshore accounts. A couple of unscrupulous journalists with an agenda of their own begin to investigate…

Better-than-average mid-80s Classic pornography from Cecil Howard. Howard made some mildly strange films during his career, but this is one of his more straightforward. A sort of screwball comedy cum rambunctious political farce in which a bunch of thoroughly unlikeable characters betray, scheme against and manipulate one another in an attempt to gain personal and political advantage.

The script, by regular Howard collaborator Anne Wolff, is well-enough written that I reckon this is one of the few XXX films which would actually hang together without the XXX material. All the sex scenes serve a function in advancing the story and the themes of betrayal, corruption, blackmail and hypocrisy which Howard and Wolff are broadly – if frivolously – satirizing.

Not my rip. Many thanks to the anonymous original ripper. There is a glitch about halfway through the film where it abruptly skips back and replays the previous 30 seconds. Fortunately, those 30 seconds are mostly taken up with Chelsea Manchester having her pussy (re-)eaten, so it’s a net gain. An incorrectly joined or unpacked file I guess. Anyway, otherwise it plays fine. I know the screencaps look a little soft, but the quality’s pretty good when the file’s playing. Advertised as a DVDRip, almost certainly transfered from VHS. Comments welcome as always. Enjoy.