Illicit Intimacy (1997)

Alternate Titles
Adultère 1998 Colmax, hard version
Ritratto di famiglia
Rivalinnen der Lust Germany, softcore title
Sehnsüchtige Liebe soft version
Tödlichhe Leidenschaft – Im Kreuzfeuer der Liebe Herzog DVD

A young private-teacher, Paolo, gets an audience at the mansion of the baron.
Head over heels the baroness Christina falls in love with the beautiful professor. But Christina doesn´t know, that her evil stepmother Amalia keeps an eye on the young man, too. Addicted to love, Amalia plays a deadly game to destroy the young lovers´ luck… But finally, the story takes an unexpected twist. An erotic costume film, made with an amazing revenue. Rediscovered by Herzog Video.