La cage aux partouzes (1977)

Two hapless crooks are ordered by their boss to infiltrate the castle and adjacent factory of a wealthy duke and see what he’s up to. They manage to get jobs at the factory–which turns out to be a brothel–but they keep getting distracted from their task by the plethora of beautiful and horny women on the “staff”.

Alternate Titles
Aventures porno N° 4
Lustschloß am Venusberg West Germany, Tabu, 75 mins.
Lustschloss am Venusberg Tabu on-screen title

Charles and Richard are two criminals who are instructed by their boss to spy into a Duke’s castle and his adjacent factory. The woman from the job agency (Claude Janna) does some serious pre-employment testing consisting of cocksucking and a hard fuck on her desk. After they have passed the exam they sign the work contract and drive to the castle.

The Duke runs some kind of brothel and expects his female staff to be at his beck and call. At first Catherine is on duty, sucking her master on a table before she’s taken cowgirl style.

When Charles and Richard arrive their skills are tested by Sophie. The two guys DP her on the kitchen table and she has no reason to complain. Meanwhile Amelie and Juliet, the Duke’s nieces, pleasure themselves in a haystack.

In the evening the duchess turns her attention to the guys and on the next morning she gets fucked by Charles in the garden.

Everytime they try to complete their orders they are distracted by attractive girls. When Charles tries to repair the fence he’s disturbed by Sophie. She gives him a blowjob until she receives a nice blast on her pretty face. The duchess calms her husband with a reverse cowgirl ride in the bedroom and Richard fucks Juliet doggie in a shed.

Meanwhile Amelie captures Charles’s walkie-talkie allowing her to eavesdrop on her sister’s moaning. Then she is taken by Charles on the kitchen table until he sprays his load on her bush.

Next Catherine serves the Duke a second time and the duchess shovels a dildo into her lovehole. At night the whole cast gets involved in a big orgy until the Duke arrives and he fires the guys.

Back at home Amelie and and Juliet are waiting for them and a foursome follows.

Catherine Tailleferre plays Catherine (German soundtrack), a maid
Claude Janna woman at the job agency
Emmanuelle Rivière as Sweet Virginie, plays the countess (duchess)
Maude Carolle plays Juliet
Siegried Cellier plays Amelie

Director:Henri Sala as Ken Warren
Notes:Europrodis and Orpham Productions / France Inter Cinéma, Filmologies; 81 mins.