Ten Little Maidens (1985)

Director: John Seeman
Studio: Excalibur Films

Description: A young couple receives two tickets in the mail for a free stay at an island resort. After they get there they find out that someone is killing off the guests one by one.

  • Scene 1. Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems
  • Scene 2. Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems
  • Scene 3. Ginger Lynn, Janey Robbins
  • Scene 4. Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 5. Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Janey Robbins, Lisa De Leeuw, Nina Hartley, Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco
  • Scene 6. Amber Lynn, Janey Robbins, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 7. Nina Hartley, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 8. Janey Robbins, Nina Hartley
  • Scene 9. Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems
  • Scene 10. Lisa De Leeuw, Eric Edwards