Petites filles au bordel (1980)

Alternate Titles
Dodo petites filles au bordel DVD available title used on DVD
Dream Girls in a Brothel Alpha France English title
Open Nightly 1981 DVD available USA (Caballero, 1 hr 22 mins., DVD) and West Germany (Beate Uhse)
Pussy Baby West German, Beate Uhse, 1 hr 18 mins

To solve their brothel’s financial problems, the couple Albert and Lulu get a banker to give them a loan by letting him win the services of the girls at games of cards. And to rejuvenate the brothel they bring in their daughter, Julie, who has been fostered out to a couple who pretends to be a priest and a nun.

This erotic exploitation film is also known as Open Nightly.

Starring: Julia Perrin, Hubert Géral, Sophie Duflot, Cathy Stewart, Marilyn Jess, Jean-Pierre Armand, Claude Frank, Mandarine, Frédérique, Michel de Nyokinos & Tony Taylor.