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Sunshine Reggae Auf Ibiza (1983)

One of the most underestimated German films ever! Funny story, told in a very amusing way, mixed with a lot of jokes. However the jokes were partly quite “old” they are presented in a way you must laugh. Besides, you find love stories, a little bit erotic, very much “holiday-feeling” and interesting actors like Karl Dall (the German comedy-king of the eighties), Jonny Juergens (son of Udo Juergens), Chris Roberts, Olivia Pascal (becomes later a famous TV-series star), Werner Boehm (aka Gottlieb Wendehals, “Polonaise Blankenese”), Bea Fiedler (German erotic queen), Isa Haller and last but not least Christine Schuberth (“Josefine Mutzenbacher”). Not to forget: The film music is amazing – the title song (“Sunshine Reggae” / Laid Back) is one of the best summer hits ever! I’ve seen this film more than ten times, but every time it is pure fun! (quote from imdb)