Taboo IV: The Younger Generation (1985)

Director: Kirdy Stevens
Studio: Standard Video, Vinegar Syndrome

Starring: Steve Arthur, Susan Block, Jerry Butler, Robin Cannes, Jamie Gillis, Kevin James, John Leslie, Ginger Lynn, Francois Papillon, Kay Parker, Mike Ranger, Craig Roberts, Ami Rogers, Joey Silvera, Karen Summer
—Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis), a very strict father and psychologist, has sent his two daughters to boarding school. The eldest daughter, Naomi (Karen Summer) is caught having sex in her dorm and is kicked out of school. When the two sisters return home, Dr. Lodge discovers that his wife (Cyndee Summers) has had an affair with his brother (John Leslie) and angrily throws her out. Naomi chooses to live with her mother and uncle (later revealed to be her biological father), while Robin (Ginger Lynn) chooses to stay with her father. Naomi (the “bad girl”) seduces her uncle and has sex with him, while Robin (the “good girl”) develops a yearning for her father. Dr. Lodge runs an incest support group and his patients include Joyce McBride (Honey Wilder) and Barbara Scott (Kay Parker), who only appears in the film in brief flashbacks
—In the fourth installment of Kirdy Stevens’ popular TABOO series, the focus shifts to Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis), a prominent psychologist who deals with clients who have been traumatized by incezt. Unknown to him, his wife Alice (Cyndee Summers) has been having an affair with his brother (John Leslie). After their teenage daughters Robin and Naomi (Ginger Lynn and Karen Summer respectively) are expelled from boarding school, things come to a head when Jeremy discovers the affair and he and Alice split up, each taking one girl. Soon erotic tensions build as Naomi begins to lust after her uncle and Robin becomes more and more fascinated by the concept of incezt…

Also Known AsMeine feuchte Schwester (German release title)

  • Scene 1. Ginger Lynn, Karen Summer, Francois
  • Scene 2. Honey Wilder, Kevin James
  • Scene 3. Cyndee Summers, John Leslie
  • Scene 4. Kay Parker, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 5. Karen Summer, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 6. Karen Summer, John Leslie
  • Scene 7. Cyndee Summers, John Leslie
  • Scene 8. Robin Cannes, Craig Roberts
  • Scene 9. Honey Wilder, Kevin James
  • Scene 10. Ginger Lynn, Kevin James
  • Scene 11. Karen Summer, John Leslie
  • Scene 12. Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis