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The Naughty Stewardesses (1974)

Also Known As:
Fresh Air (USA) (video title)

THE NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES follows the typical pattern of a Roger Corman “nurse” film (very popular at the time), only with stewardesses. The plot follows the exploits of four sexy flight attendants, and each of them disrobes in front of the camera and/or engage in intercourse at one point. There’s raunchy action with a captain and a lass aboard his plane (in which a small child looks on to get a first hand sex ed class), and a wild party where a nude dude is actually a cake (he gets slobbered by one of the stewardesses!).

The stewardesses include African-American starlet and Adamson regular Marilyn Joi (here using the name Tracy King) who does a poolside striptease. But the real attraction is cute shorty Connie Hoffman. This cupcake has a body to die for and she plays a half-witted blonde torn between a young photographer/pornographer (Richard Smedley) and a much older wealthy playboy (Robert Livingston). Smedley plays a slightly cracked impotent character that devises a plan to hold the stewardesses at ransom for $50,000 in hopes that old man Livingston will come running with the dough. Instead, he comes running with a shotgun.