I prosseneti (1976)

Director: Brunello Rondi
Studio: Helvetia Films

Starring: Juliette Mayniel, Luciano Salce, Silvia Dionisio, Bruno Alias, Ruth Anderson, Eros Buttaglieri, Stefania Casini, Alain Cuny, Giovanna D’Albore, Sofia Dionisio, Consuelo Ferrara, Sonja Jeannine, Maria Rosa La Fauci, Gabriella Lepori, Anna Mallarini

Description: David and his wife Gilda transform their beautiful villa in a brothel, which are home to several characters. Odile, the daughter of a woman tortured by mercenaries, meets in the villa one of the torturers and want to relive over his own body the suffering endured by the mother. An ambassador who was abandoned by his companion, imposes its new partner to take his place. An eighteen year old, very open-minded, staged an orgy