Estivantes pour homme seul (1979)

Alternate Titles
Estivantes en chaleur Blue One two-disc DVD with Vicieuse Amandine, La Prof’ ou les plaisirs défendus, Vacances sexuelles & Christina la perverse, 1 hr.
Visitors for a Single Man
Wild Pussycats West Germany, Mike Hunter video title

Director: Robert Renzulli
Studio: Alpha France

Starring: Gabriel Pontello, Francois Daniel, Alain Azoulay,Brigitte Lahaie, Carole Serres , Danièle David, Julie Duchet, Susan Deloir
Description: Very warm and beautiful summer vacationers turn into sexual beasts and have a blast in south of France. With a vicious Daniele David at her best as a nymphomaniac who offers her narrow door in hot and perverse antics. A lecherous Provencal treat which received an ovation by an enthusiastic audience at its release on April 18, 1979 in the Alpha France movie theaters.