Die schönen Wilden von Ibiza (1980)

Alternate Titles
Beautiful and Wild on Ibiza
Les Folles nuits d’Ibiza
Sex on the Rocks
Wild and Beautiful on Ibiza
Wild and Free

Mike and Suzy, who are on honeymoon in Ibiza have all their belongings stolen by a couple of thieves, one of whom is the uncredited Marie Luise Lusewitz. A friend of theirs who lives in a hut on the beach gives them shelter. Not far from them, a rich woman (Heidi Stroh) lives with her stupid son who is always unsuccessfully chasing women. Mike has an adventure with a beautiful blonde. They finally get their luggage back but soon leave it to join a group of bikers around the island.

From a review on IMDB:
I would have to agree completely with the previous posting form Illinois. I first saw this movie during the late 70’s on cable, along with three others in the same genre (She’s Nineteen And Ready, The Joy Of Flying, and Paradise Island), all of which were enjoyable for the same reasons. But this one seemed to have a certain charm from the recklessly hedonistic 70’s party scene to make me want to watch it over and over again. And it was actually due more to the silly songs, goofy characters and improbable situations than the R-rated sex and partial nudity.

As previously stated, the opening song is hilarious. A sort of heavy metal biker babe song with ridiculous lyrics, presumably written by a German composer with a limited English vocabulary. All the music is really quite well executed, which is another reason I enjoy the movie. But after numerous viewings I think the lyrics actually go something more like this:

“Goin’ on a motorbike, ladies showin’ down. Goin’ on a motorbike, ladies showin’ down. Ladies in white, ladies in bleck (sic), get the motorcycle neck! Ladies! Motor ladies…get ’em! (etc. and so on).

Although this is clearly a non-intellectual, dumb summer vacation flick, the actors create quite memorable characters (in particular Poldi Griesehubble, the geeky rich kid who hosts the wild parties and has to pay for everyone’s admission to nightclubs, while striking out with all the cute babes…ultimately has the shock of his life when he gets lucky with a transsexual!).

And lastly it is a nice introduction to the balmy Balearic island of Ibiza for those who are not familiar with it. In addition to the silly original music there are also several 70’s pop songs contained in the soundtrack to help the slower parts move along. All in all it’s a great, mindless holiday escape with nice “scenery”, funny characters and memorable music.