O Império do Desejo (1981)

Sandra (Meiry Vieira), a rich widow of a devout millionaire, goes to the coast to recover the beach house left by her husband. She discovers that her husband kept it for love affairs. She goes there with her lover Odilon, an unscrupulous young man whose studies she’s supporting. On the way home, she gives a ride to a couple of hippies. Aided by Carvalho, a pickpocket lawyer, she recovers the property and invites the hitchhikers couple to be the housekeepers of the property. From there, the couple gradually becomes physically and emotionally involved, with a gallery of unusual characters, including the widow herself, her boyfriend and the lawyer. During their stay in the house, all these characters clash, in unusual and funny ways, including some disgusting tourists, three young women on vacation, the police, prostitutes, a reporter for a communist magazine and many others.