La bonne auberge (1977)

Alternate Titles
Ici l’on baise
Ici, on baise
Infernale partouze

“If an established film director such as Monsieur Benazeraf tries his hands at pornography, one should expect a superior example of the genre. Sadly, this picture does not live up to this expectation. Apparently shot in two versions, the porn version is a complete mess, with dreadful continuity errors: quite clearly, someone did not give a toss. The cast of unknowns fails to capture the screen, especially the dull-as-dishwater males.”

lol that’s a bit harsh, this isn’t really the type of film you watch with continuity in mind. and the men aren’t really the primary focus here, except for certain parts of their anatomy. This is the hardcore version, pic quality is very good though pan and scan.

Two English speaking models arrive in wintertime at a nice hotel in the French countryside; The maid is very nymphomaniac, since she occupies herself with every person in the hotel: two guests, the cook, the two models, a pretty blonde, the hotelkeeper; Eva Khris is very active too, mostly with Gerard Gregory; at the end, the two models are very pleased with ‘the French way’ and go for the big city now.


As in many Bénazéraf movies, a kind of alienation is achieved by the persons staring indifferently at the camera, with facial close-ups that suggest some kind of ‘meaning’, not much talk and an obsessive loud music score (mostly latin rock by Gérard Salesses and Marc Miller).


There seems to be some variation in the duration of this title, as implied in the review in the work cited below. The original French version has not been viewed (by me) and Le Dictionnaire gives a time of 70 mins. for the film version. Two Beate Uhse versions have been seen. Both begin with the usual spinning film reel which was their usual graphical introductory sequence. One of these has the opening title sequence, the models arriving at the ‘auberge’, being shown to their room and, later, a longer sequence with the ‘jockey’ who rides in through the snow on a motorised bicycle and mysteriously is allowed into the models’ bedroom to make (softcore) love to them. This video version is 78 mins. long. The other Beate Uhse version seen is only 68 minutes long, the title sequence and the arrival of the models are not present (about 8 mins. of the film) and the ‘jockey’ sequence is shorter, missing his arrival for example.