Drei Dirndl in Paris (1981)

Alternate Titles
Drei Schulmädchen in Paris
Lockendes Fleisch German hardcore release
Mitsex Express France, video title
Trois Bavaroises à Paris France

Three Bavarian hussies who happen to be students (despite the pack including obviously mature-ish Susi) travel to Paris on an exchange programme to improve their language skills and they stay with libertine Robert and his family. Babsi and Renate soon get busy with males of the household while Susi initiates Chantal into ways of lesbian love. After some rather casual orgies (where Marie indulges herself in masturbation) to diversify the scenes, the lasses end their trip and return to their faithful boyfriends back home. Peter Steiner plays a priest who is also Renate’s uncle, a character embedded apparently for the sole purpose of introducing a staple Bavarian comedy effect to the film.

Director:Jürgen Enz, as Kenneth Howard, and Pierre B. Reinhard