Sueca bisexual necesita semental (1982)

Directed by Ricard Reguant
Cast: Marina Frajese, Hélène Shirley, Selene Marquis, Bruno Merli.

Alternate Titles
I Vizi della signora Italian hardcore version, c. 102 mins.

The pseudonymous director has been identified as Andrea Bianchi by some sources, although the “Richard Vogue” moniker is associated with Ricard Reguant, who is on record as claiming responsibility for the film’s direction. Whether or not Bianchi was in any way involved in making the film is not clear. Although officially an entirely Spanish production, Sueca bisexual necesita semental may have had some unacknowledged Italian participation, possibly on the distribution side.

The film was reportedly made in four versions, two for exhibition in Spain and Italy, respectively, and a further two for the respective censors of these two countries. The Italian version, I Vizi della signora, differs from its Spanish prototype in many ways. In order to accommodate the additional hardcore footage within a similar running time, much material from the original was cut, resulting in the excision of entire scenes, including the introduction of the characters of Roberto and Angela. Additionally, all dialogue and identifiable shots of a minor character – an aged stable worker – have been eliminated and he is now only briefly visible from behind. There are also several changes to the dialogue, and a couple of different, Italianised character names. Moreover, in the telephone conversation scene between Simona and Mirella, shown from the former’s vantage point, the Italian dubbing adds feedback lines spoken by the unseen Mirella, an element not present in the Spanish equivalent.

Plot Synopsis –

Felipe, an aging intellectual, is now confined to a wheelchair after an accident, and finds solace in secretly watching his young wife Simona with her lover Mirella through a one-way mirror, happy at the spectacle itself, the fact that she is contented, and the feeling that there is love and harmony in his household. Unfortunately, this peaceful situation is disrupted by the arrival of Felipe’s son Luis.

Review –

The rhyming Spanish title of this sentimental sexual fantasy may be translated as “Bisexual Swedish girl seeks stud”, but all Swedishness within the film is confined to the real-life nationality of its Gothenburg-born star. When it came to this kind of thing, Spanish theatre owners loved a raunchy, preferably rhyming title, to the point of changing it if needed, but to all appearances, in the particular case of this late Spanish entry in the genre, producer José María Cunillés Nogués had bothered to look before his film’s leap into the exhibitors’ realm. If the Spanish title suggests a comedy, which it is not, the Italian title of the hardcore version is the more apposite I Vizi della signora (English translation: The Vices of the missus), speaking of which, Italy looks as if it had had some kind of unofficial involvement, possibly on the distribution side, although the film was officially produced entirely by Cunillés’s Barcelona-based outfit Films Dara. Whatever the case, in either version, the film’s cast combines the talents of two hardened ladies of European hardcore, two male Spanish softcore regulars, a minor Spanish actress of the “S” genre, and a pseudonymous Spanish legit actor in the film’s main character role, all under the direction of the Catalan director Ricard Reguant, now a successful director of the stage, but at the time, apparently the ghost of many other personalities.