Malabimba (1979)

Alternate Titles
Bad Bimba
Bad Girl
Malabimba: the Malicious Whore
The Malicious Whore 1979 USA, cut version
Posesion de una adolescente 1979
Italy Possession of a Teenager 1979

Seemingly as a result of seance that goes wrong (or was this an attempt at exorcism) Daniela is possessed and becomes sex crazed and her mother (?), Nais, also becomes sex crazed and Daniela watches. Daniela grabs men’s crotches, flashes at a posh party, gives her grandfather a blowjob and thereby kills him, seduces Sister Sofia who then commits suicide by leaping off the battlements.

All hard core consists of inserted close ups, presumably using body doubles.

-The fellatio scene is performed by the actual actress… even if you don’t recognize the mouth, those are her hands holding the penis during the act;
–  The X-rated cut has just a couple of minutes of added footage, while the deleted scenes are over 10 minutes long; IMO the cuts were made to shorten the interval between the sleaze scenes and not “in order to maintain the runtime”.

The blonde bombshell in this film, Patrizia Webley, plays Nais. A self confessed whore who will have sex with just about anything that moves. But this woman is really smoking. She is of course the woman whose top blows open in the beginning of the film. You get to see plenty of this chick throughout the entire film as Bimba does a little spying on everyone during the film. Another notable actress who appears in this film is the nun who takes care of Bimba’s invalid Uncle,  Mariangela Giordano. She has appeared in other films such as Burial Ground and later the remake to this film in particular Satan’s Baby Doll. She fills out the character rather well and of course she provides some great nunsploitation scenes with little Bimba as well.

The best scene in this film by far is the death by fellatio scene. It’s really weird and actually pretty comical when you see the look on the guys face. Not to mention the underlying incest that is going on as well. Little Bimba finds her way down stairs and strips totally nude for her uncle who can do nothing but look on in horror. Soon she seduces him and proceeds to.. well you know what happens. It’s funny, yet oh so wrong and that’s why I love it. Of course in the 70s and early 80s this kind of stuff was used just to shock the crowd watching or just to get the guys in trench coats at the local grindhouses off. One or the other, or in some cases both.

The DVD is actually pretty good. I would never expect a film this old and obscure to get that much treatment done to it but Severin went to some great lengths to track down some of the people to get them on camera for an interview. The entire film is in Italian and subbed in English. But to be honest there isn’t much to read. The majority of this film is watching people commit adultery, incest and other unspeakable acts.  The other special feature that I mentioned above was the ability to watch the deleted scenes put back into the film. You can also just watch them separately if you wish.

Overall if you are a fan of sexploitation, nunsploitation or grindhouse in general this film will be right up your alley. Euro-trash and proud of it. The film starts with a bang and ends that way. I can guarantee you will laugh at the beginning and the end. This one is perfect for a couple brews and a bunch of your grindhouse loving buds to sit around the television set for. I highly recommend this one to anyone who has read this entire review!