Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (1983)

Sonia Braga …  Gabriela
Marcello Mastroianni …  Nacib
Antonio Cantafora …  Tonico Bastos  
Paulo Goulart …  Joao Fulgéncio
Ricardo Petráglia …  Prof. Josué  
Lutero Luiz …  Coronel Manoel das Onças
Tania Boscoli …  Glória  

Plot summary
In 1925, Gabriela becomes cook, mistress, and then wife of Nacib, a bar owner in a small Brazilian coastal town runs by the local colonels. Nacib becomes tired of Gabriela’s uneducated ways, and annuls the marriage when he finds her in bed with his friend Tonico. The political ways of the town modernize slightly and Gabriela returns as Nacib’s mistress.

My comment
An incredible “brazilian” Mastroianni meets volcanic and passionate Sonia Braga in an small brazilian town plus the magic writing of Jorge Amado, the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and the camera of Carlo di Palma. If you liked Barreto’s CARRIED AWAY, try this one on these cold days of autumn. Because In Brazil, when summer ends, it starts… summertime.  

Actors: Sônia Braga