Il confessionale (1998)

A Mario Salieri porno with the gorgeous Monica Roccaforte, and both a bride and a pair of nuns taking it up the bum. But what makes this different is the Monica and bride scenes were filmed in an actual church.

A fact only discovered 5 years later when a local perv downloaded it off the interwebz and notified authorities. At which point the weddings that had been performed over those years came into question as the church had been profaned and may need “penitential rites”.

Starring: Joe Calzone, Isabelle Danton, Silvio Evangelista, Alba Foster, Rosa Giampaolo, Danila Giannatempo, Diana Huldiman, Marianna Janson, Caterina Lievacic, Francesco Malcom, Walter Midolo, Angela Pintus, Monica Roccaforte, Olga Santospina, Marisa Sothmar, Vivien Tolli

Alternate Titles
El Confesionario Spain
The Confessional
Priester auf Abwegen: Die Beichte DVD Goldlight