Incoming Freshmen (1979)

Quote:While being one of the “stars” of this film doesn’t necessarily give me sage insight, i do know quite a bit of what was first there…and what ended up on the screen. i remember seeing the original cut of “incoming freshman” and being very pleased. it was funny, sexy, raunchy, all the main requirements of a drive-in film. you have to remember this was shot and released before all the rest…animal house, porky’s, etc…so in its own way, this flick was truly ahead of its time. for whatever reasons, the film was given to the main distributors who editing out half the original film, and then edited in (should i say “shuffled?”) THE most random scenes ever. the fat guy, the people with goat heads….what the heck was all that?! i’m sure it was put in for additional T&A, but it was so slowly paced, it caused anything going on prior to it to grind to a screeching and painful halt. but all in all, it’s a fun memory for me…especially in that i’m able to say that the worst movie i’ve ever seen…i’m in!

From the back of the VHS

Big-screen temptress GINGER LYNN ALLEN hosts an all-new series of classic “Good girl gone bad” films as she invites you to join in the fun of Cannon Video’s “Party Girl Theater.”

Vivacious Vivian is a sultry co-ed who always makes the grade with men on campus. But poor little Jane is a novice who has a lot to learn. With Viv as her teacher, though, Jane is soon on her way to an advanced degree in the arts of love. From the dorm room to the classroom, Jane is in for a real education, as she learns the joy of being an “Incoming Freshmen”.