Les petites filles sodomisées (1985)

Alternate Titles
Déchirure anale Playsir Club
Geil versaute Sekretärinnen West Germany
Jeux spéciaux pour petites filles à sodomiser poster title
Ogni volta di più Italy, possibly a stolen title
Petites filles à sodomiser alternative title

Director: Joe de Palmer
Studio: Panavista International Pictures / Playsir

Starring: Diane Suresne, Jessica Stehl, Laura Clair, Alban Ceray, Jean-Pierre Armand, Christophe Clark, Andre Kay
Description: Alban has hallucinations that his secretary (Jessica Stehl) is having sex with his clients in adjoining offices. He sees this through the keyhole, but then he looks back into his own office and sees himself having sex with his secretary. At home the maid (XNK1437) is spying on Alban’s wife (Laura Clair) having sex with her lover. The maid is so turned on that she beckons the gardener into the kitchen to attend to her needs. Then Alban discovers them and soon everyone is having sex with everyone else, including a masked orgy (which includes an extra, unidentifiable ethnic brunette).
Back at the office the secretary really does have sex with Jean-Pierre Armand while Alban has sex with a female client (Diane Suresne).
Finally we see that the secretary has been drugging her boss’s coffee to induce his hallucinations.