China Doll (1975)

Director: Shaun Costello (uncredited)
Studio: SWV

Starring: Holly Bush, John Bush, Shaun Costello, Vanessa del Rio, Eberhard Ellis, Bonnie Gentrey, Leo Lovemore, Alan Marlow, Ashley Moore, Sunshine.

Description: China Doll opens with private eye Mickey Flynn discussing New York: “In 1648, the Dutch brought it from the Indians for $20.00 in trinkets. Some say they overpaid.” After first getting his balls drained by the babe he picked up the night before, the hard-boiled dick is off on a case: finding rich bitch Mrs. Muldoon’s missing daughter, Marjorie.
Uh-oh. Looks like Flynn’s morning lay is, in fact, the missing Marjorie and everyone in the New York underworld is after her since she’s carrying a china doll which contains a quarter-million dollars worth of “dilithium crystals.”
Highlights include Vanessa del Rio, as a dancer who has hoofed her way “from Vegas to Grossinger’s”, demonstrating the versatility of every one her bodily orifices simultaneously. It’s a three-ring circus with a dancing bear in every circle!