Zum zweiten Frühstück: Heiße Liebe (1972)

“Efficient German sexploitation

Director: Hubert Frank
Studio: CCC Filmkunst

Starring: Barbara Nielsen, Ingeborg Steinbach, Ewa Stromberg, Ingrid Steeger, Marlene Rahn, Evelyn Gutkind-Bienert, Hillary Peetz, Rena Bergen, Dorit Henke, Ingrid van Bergen, Andreas Mannkopff. Jurgen Grossmann, Rolf Schumacher, Michael Buttner, Herbert Rudiger

Description: This is a German “sex-report” film about lonely housewives that is similar to, but apparently not an official entry, into the long-running “Hausenfrau-report” series. An oft-naked male reporter decides to do an expose on “sexual widows”, housewives who are neglected by their busy husbands, after his interest is piqued by his attractive neighbor quarreling with her husband. The women he “interviews” are attractive but neglected wives