Vista Valley PTA (1981)

Alternative Titles:
Feuer zwischen den Lippen
Foreldre foreningen
Ivresses charnelles – La vallee de la debauche

Director: Anthony Spinelli (as Anthony Spinnelli)

Starring: Jesie St. James, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Desiree West, Juliet Anderson, Dorothy LeMay, Kay Parker, Alex James, Sharon Kane, Kitty Shayne, Aaron Stuart, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Lee LeMay
Description: A new administrator arrives at a school. She tries disciplining a couple of the more rowdy male students, but they don’t pay her any respect. The setting weaves the lives (read: sex lives) of various town folk, and they’re all screwed up. On the outside, they appear to be normal, middle-class Americans, but St. James soon discovers the reverse is true. The Bible-thumping preacher, for example, frequents a whorehouse and jerks off watching a hooker play with herself. Everyone is screwing some one other than his or her spouse