Initiation d’une jeune marquise (1987)

Alternate Titles
Angelica marchesa di sodoma Italy, Dueppi
Fantaisies anales
Initiation anale d’une jeune marquise
Das Lustschloß der jungen marquise Ribu DVD

18th-century costume porn.

Marilyn Jess is Patinette, the maid of all work at a mansion inhabited by four young noble ladies. She is the only performer who does not wear a white wig.

The young ladies are sex mad. In the first scene one of them (XNK0054) draws Marilyn away from doing the laundry in the stream for a g/g sesion on the lawn. Marilyn enters the mansion to find one of the other ladies having sex with a man. And so it goes on, with a heavy emphasis on anal sex. Marilyn peeps on the goings on and is then drawn into them, finally being initiated into anal sex herself – seemingly not faked, but, according to an interview given to a French adult movie magazine by Pierre B. Reinhard, it was.

The other two ladies (Sonya Lendl and Liliane Gray) appear later, one nearly at the end of the film. The second lady has a DP near the end of the film.