Lady Godiva Rides (1968)

When an English lord finds his wife Lady Godiva in bed with her lover Tom Jones they have to leave the country and go to the USA. Godiva ends up in a brothel and when Tom wants to save her he is challenged to a duel by the owner of the brothel.

Yet I can’t say I was totally surprised, as this director (A.C. Stevens) was the director of what REALLY WAS the worst Ed Wood Film ever made, Orgy Of The Dead. As a matter of fact, this film really isn’t all that different from OOTD, and it IS rated X, one must have to keep that in mind. That and that this film looks like it was made with the budget of a 8 year old’s lunch money. But this film is really nothing more then a dot to dot movie, Any scene in this movie must lead to one thing: Nudity. Which leads to VERY bad and ultra long and boring simulated sex scenes. Maybe in 1969, these scenes were very stimulating & exciting, but today, they are just WAY over long and sleep inducing. We have 3 basic sections of the film: Everyone is in France, with American Accents, then everyone is on a boat bound for America, where the “pirates” all look like 60’s Sunset Strip kids. And the last third of the film is something of a Western… Where Godiva FINELY rides nude on a horse, for 10 seconds. And of course, this movie has very little plot, and lousy acting.

Now, to say something good about it, it was fun, from a historical point of view, as I have always been a big Ed Wood fan, and A.C. Stevens is like… One step away from Wood… (They both worked together very closely in the 60’s & early 70’s.) Also, when viewing this movie, one needs to remember Stevens’s theory of box office success: Boobies. He figured the more boobage he flashed up on screen, the more successful his movie would be. We now know how wrong he was… One more thing I feel I should bring up… THANK GOD FOR THE THONG… It’s funny watching all these “hotties” dancing around in what would now be considered “Granny Panties”.