Orinoco: Prigioniere del sesso (1980)

Alternate Titles
Hotel Paradise
Hotel Paradiso
I’m Coming Your Way UK video, box title
Orinoco – Prison of Sex European English title
Orinoco, paraíso del sexo Spain

The plot of Orinoco is the typical Women In Prison movie set in a jungle prison. Sadistically evil warden Jordan (Luciano Rossi) and his evil guards are mistreating the female prisoners at a prison camp in the jungle where the prisoners must work as diamond miners. Prisoner Muriel (Ajita Wilson) is into the occult and predicts a bloodbath and a fight for freedom. Meanwhile, the fearless Orinoco (Stelio Candelli) and his men are transporting a group of new prisoners to the camp. On their way, they meet Laredo (Anthony Steffen), a revolutionary who is out to put a stop to Jordan’s evil reign. Laredo and Orinoco team up and decide to infiltrate the camp, and get the new prisoner Maria (Cristina Lai) to help them with their plan. Maria ends up as Muriel’s cell mate and soon includes her in the plan. After witnessing some more abuse and mistreating of the prisoners, the prisoners revolt with help from Laredo and Orinoco. Maria loses her life in the final battle but the prisoners win and murder the warden and his guards before marching off into newfound freedom.

That was the plot, and there’s plenty of action and sleaze – not that many sex scenes though. But there are some:

The first sex scene is between warden Jordan (Luciano Rossi) and female guard Margo (Gota Gobert). This is a full-on hardcore scene but all of the hardcore action is seen only in close-up and was probably performed by body doubles.

The next sex scene is when Maria (Cristina Lai) sneaks off into the woods along with one of the men transporting her to the prison camp. We get to see her jerking the guy’s stiff penis and him enthusiastically licking her vagina before finally penetrating her. Again, all of this is seen in close-up. However, we clearly see the man performing the vagina licking but Cristina Lai’s face is never shown. My guess is that that actor (whoever he was) did both the soft and hard stuff, while Ms. Lai used a body-double for the hardcore close-ups.

Next up, is Muriel (Ajita Wilson) in her prison cell. She sits there smoking a big joint and then starts caressing her body with the joint before moving down to her vagina. All this is seen in one shot. We then cut to a close-up of Ajita’s face, and then back to a close-up of her rubbing her vagina. It keeps cutting back and forth between shots of her face and her vagina as she eventually penetrates herself with the joint. From what I can tell, all of the close-ups are of Ajita herself. The skin-color, the hand and even the fingernails look identical to me. It’s certainly not an unlikely scenario since Ajita has appeared in hardcore films on other occasions.

This scene is closely followed by a lesbian encounter. Cristina Lai arrives at the camp and is put in the same cell as Ajita. Before long, the two girls are making love. Unfortunately, this scene takes place at night and I had great difficulties telling what was going on. From what I could see, this scene was softcore but I’m not 100% sure. [Ajita’s fingers clearly penetrate her partner’s vagina, though the partner may be body doubled for this part of the sequence. This is included in the explicit soft version.]

The film’s final sex scene features Luciano Rossi and a female prisoner [Guia Lauri Filzi] in Luciano’s bedroom. She gives him a blow job and the camera pans upwards to Luciano’s satisfied face – revealing that it’s he himself and not a body-double in this scene. We also clearly see Luciano rubbing the woman’s vagina with his hand. The actual penetrative sex, however, is seen in close-ups and may have been performed by body-doubles.

Wow! I was seriously surprised by this film. I had no idea that Luciano Rossi ever did pornographic scenes but he obviously did. Some of the shots in this film are no doubt performed by body-doubles but there’s no big difference in picture quality so I assume that the inserts where shot at the same time as the rest of the film. Probably by the same director too. Also, seeing as how Luciano performed in the final sex scene, I wonder if that’s him or not in the first sex scene with Gota Gobert. I mean, if he did one then why not another?

Zaira Zoccheddu plays the role of Ajita Wilson’s cell-mate. She appears in several scenes but no sex scenes and no nudity either.