Grazie… nonna (1975)

Director: Marino Girolami
Studio: CPM

Starring: Edwige Fenech, Valerio Fioravanti, Enrico Simonetti, Gianfranco D’Angelo, Valeria Fabrizi, Graziella Mossini, Fabrizio Cardinali, Antonio Canterini, Andrea Petrucci, Alfredo Quadrelli, Loredana Bianchi, Sandra Barbani, Sergio Favati.

Description: A telegram has just arrived ant the Persichette home in Italy. It seems that their late grandfather’s second wife, Maria Juana, is traveling from Venezuela to Italy to visit her stepson and two grandchildren. The youngest of the boys is given the task of picking up grandma at the airport. Expecting an aged widow, he is stunned, amazed and aroused by the incredible beauty that awaits him.

Alternative Title:
Lover Boy
Ah mon petit puceau
Highschool Kids
Schuler lieben hubsche Hasen