Vacances à Ibiza (1982)

Director:Gérard Kikoïne (as Werner Wagner in Italian release)
Notes:Gold Productions (Paris) and Ribu filmproduktion (Hamburg) / Alpha France, 65 mins. DVD Blue One (1 hr 10 mins) with Chaudes adolescentes and Bon chic, bon genre, mais… salopes !!

Alternate Titles

Ibiza Connection
Isabelle e Janette Italian release, Ribu
Isabelle et Jeannette
Junge nymphen auf Ibiza West Germany, Ribu (?)
Kärlekslekar På Ibiza 1983
Money Fever
Die Nackten und die Reichen West German title and Ribu DVD title
Plaisirs de femmes


Anna Veruska plays Tina
Brigitte Verbecq as Brigitte Verbeck (German version), plays Jane
Christine Black as Christina Schwarz, plays the brunette maid
Elodie Delage plays a tourist
Laurence Boutin plays a tourist
Marie-Claude Moreau plays a tourist
Marilyn Jess as Dominique Troyes in German release, plays Isabelle
Monika Eggerstedt as Monika Egger, plays the blonde maid

Three bank managers are duped by a conman into handing over large sums of money for what later turns out to be fake documents. Then the conman heads to Ibiza with his girlfriend to make his delivery to his boss and they all share a good time together. The message of the story? Crime pays.