Firestorm (1984)

Director: Cecil Howard
Writer: Anne Randall
Firestorm  centers around studly but down-on-his-luck author Ken Cushing, all-too-easily seduced into becoming the ghostwriter for wealthy matriarch Magda Balcourt, intent on penning a tell-all memoir.  Moving into the family mansion, Ken is quickly sucked into a psychosexual vortex of torrid secrets, infidelity and backstabbing involving Magda, her husband Lee and their gorgeous blind daughter Claire.  With memorable roles for other top XXX talent, this lavishly produced epic kept critics and fans spellbound and spawned two sequels. Dazzlingly photographed by Sven Nuvo, Command Cinema proudly presents the Blu-ray debut of this twist and turn filled, and multi award winning gem, beautifully restored in 4K from its original 35mm camera negative.
Cinematography by Steven Kaman (The Outfit). Real locations were used in this production. There were also numerous outdoor scenes.  

Kenny Cushing is a writer in search of an idea. Nearly destitute, he receives a surprise offer from filthy rich oil tycoon Magda Balcourt to ghost write her autobiography. After moving into her stately country home, Kenny becomes quickly acquainted with Magda’s infighting family and soon becomes embroiled in all manners of schemes and doubles crosses going on behind the Balcourt’s high society exterior.
Universally acclaimed as one of the last great X rated movies to be released theatrically, Firestorm brings together an incredible ensemble cast, highlighted by Kay Parker (Taboo), Sharon Mitchell (Joy), Johanna Storm (Sexcapades), Sharon Kane (Exposed), John Leslie (The Dancers), Eric Edwards (Blonde Ambition), and a guest appearance from Veronica Hart (Roommates, Boogie Nights). Eric Edwards plays Ken Cushing, a writer who is hired by Magda Balcourt (Kay Parker) to ghost-writer her autobiography. The story is told in a non-linear fashion with Ken being interviewed by Suzanne (Veronica Hart). Joanna Storm plays Magda’s daughter Claire, who goes blind after being struck by Magda for watching her mom have sex with her boyfriend Louis (Sean Elliot). John Leslie plays the role of Lee Balcourt, a corrupt businessman, father to Claire, and husband to Magda. Ken’s girlfriend Liza is played by Tina Marie. She helps to seduce Claire. The story also involves Barbara (Rikki Harte) , who is a friend to Claire and also Lee’s mistress. The plot is somewhat convoluted due to the non-linear storytelling.  

  • Scene 1. Sharon Mitchell, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 2. Sharon Kane, Tina Marie, George Payne, Michael Bruce
  • Scene 3. Eric Edwards
  • Scene 4. Joanna Storm
  • Scene 5. Kay Parker, Sean Elliot
  • Scene 6. Rikki Harte, John Leslie
  • Scene 7. Tina Marie, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 8. Joanna Storm, Tina Marie
  • Scene 9. Joanna Storm, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 10. Kay Parker, Eric Edwards