Concept 1 (1991)

Director: Mario Salieri
Studio: Black and Blue Entertainment Group, Mario Salieri Entertainment Group

Starring: Fabienne Dumont, Giuliano Rosati, Joy Karin’s, Mario De Sica, Mario Torti, Massimo Lotti, Carol Tennesy, Rally van Kamp, Roberto Malone, Sofia Randovic, Victoria Paris, Vincent Guerra, Walter Carrera
Description: In drive out across the beautiful country innocent women find themselves in perversions and torrid revenges. Caught in a sexual web of twisted desire these women are ridiculed and subjected offer themselves without reserve to the most incredible passions!

Alternate Titles
Addicted to Love 1 1994 Sascha Alexander Productions
Le Cercle vicieux France, Colmax, double feature DVD with Délires Italiens
Concept by Salieri Pt 1
Concepts by Salieri 1 Spain, Negro y Azul
Concepts Italien 1 France
Il Vizio