Hardcore Loops 1972-1979 (1972)

George Harrison Marks(GHM) born August 6. 1926, died June 27. 1997 resting at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, was Britain’s most famous and prolific glamour photographer and glamour filmmaker in the 50s and 60s. During the 70s he made quite a bunch of very entertaining hardcore-loops (mainly for “TABU” and “Color Climax”). In his later days he created material of the “spanking” and “education” type.

Info: http://www.harrison-marks.com/

Gavcrimson explains in detail:

The loops:

  1. “Kurzschluss” starring: Janet Adler,…
  2. “Diebische Elster” (I haven’t found this listed on any index) starring: Peter Vernon,Peta Gareth (a Vivi Rau lookalike),… I had high hopes to find Vivi Rau in this loop; but after watching the thing 3 or 4 times I have to accept that the blonde is “only” Peta Gareth – does anybody hopefully know better?
  3. “Happy Nurses” starring: Peter Vernon,Howard “Vanderhorn” Nelson (a former bodybuilder champion and personal friend of GHM),…
  4. “Liebes-Lust” starring: Janet Adler
  5. “Moralpisser” starring “Paul”(the medium),Howard Nelson, one debauched looking Harrison Marks, the blonde girl from “Blondes Haar”,…
  6. “Zum Knutschkeller”/”Bistro Bordello” (early 1972,my favourite) starring: Ava Cadell at the very start of her career (later known as Dr.Ava in the USA), Peta Gareth, Howard Nelson, Short Jack Gold, one Harrison Marks in high spirits,… some interesting music.
  7. “Arabian Knights” (CCC 1979) starring: Nicky Stanton,Stevie Taylor,Jada Smith (later known as Rosemary England),Short Jack Gold, mainstream actor Milton Reid (he without hair). The unk.”Arab” also played in the loops: “Obsession X” and “Locked out”,…Short Jack Gold, quoted by Gavcrimson:
    “It was shot in winter 1979, at the Hotel Julius Caesar in Queens Gardens in Bayswater. It took two days to shoot, and was famous for the fact that a few of the girls who stayed at the hotel trashed their rooms and abused a member of staff who, as a result, tipped off the press as to what was going on. A well known newspaper planted a reporter on the roof of the hotel who was able via a spyhole to observe all that was going on. The next weekend it was headline news and I think GHM ultimately had a court case to answer. It was actually snowing outside whilst we were filming , so it felt a bit strange acting as if we were in a desert oasis. GHM was pretty pissed throughout the whole thing, which is why it took two days to complete. Ah Happy Days..…”. “Unfortunately the bad publicity caused by the Sunday People’s expose on the film meant Arabian Knights would turn out to be Milton Reid’s last film, ostracized by the film community, he never acted again.” (and returned to India)